Engage 2.0 and mobile devices

Engage 2.0 and mobile devices

by Technical Support -
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Dear Students and Faculty,

Over the past year we’ve noticed big changes in the way you’re getting to Engage – more and more often, you’re visiting us using the browser on your mobile and tablet devices instead of the Engage iPad app. Great news, but the trouble was, the experience on web Engage wasn’t ideal for these devices – until now.

Engage is now easier to use on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

With web Engage optimized for almost any device with access to the Internet, we’ve made the decision to retire the Engage iPad app. We’re excited about this change, as it will enable us to focus on providing a great learning experience irrespective of how you visit us.

So whether you’re grading assignments on your tablet, messaging a student on your cell phone, or checking the class roster from your laptop, we’ve got you covered.  We hope you enjoy the updated features in Engage 2.0.


The Engage Development Team